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IT Visibility Checklist

The Non-Technical Leader's Guide to Gaining Clarity and Confidence

Whatever your role, this guide will help you organize your IT situation into simple, manageable pieces so you gain the clarity and confidence to align your technology with your business goals. It guides you through the process of reviewing your IT through the lens of the 3 Foundations of Healthy IT. With this new understanding, you are equipped to ensure your IT is safe, reliable, and effective.

Wait, what are the 3 Foundations?

To overcome the basic challenges with IT, you must be strong in each of the 3 Foundations of Healthy IT; Systems, Standards, and Strategy. Being weak in just one will create costly barriers to growth.

This IT Visibility Checklist will help you gain a better understanding of where you stand regarding your IT systems, the compliance with the standards of those systems, and your strategy for ensuring your IT is tailored to your needs so you can focus on protecting and growing your business.

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