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The Story Behind Prosper IT's Client Focused Services
How We Started

Our Story

Prosper IT began with a shared frustration: the impersonal nature of IT services and the growing disconnect between service providers and the businesses they serve. In pursuit of growth demanded by outside investors, and the bureaucracy of large providers, we saw client organizations treated as ticket numbers, not as unique individuals with distinct needs and aspirations. We witnessed firsthand how lack of understanding and personalization led to generic solutions that barely scratch the surface of deeper business challenges.

more than just a service ticket number
Our Journey

Serving Clients for Over 20 Years

Through our experiences working with, and helping to grow, large, private equity backed and utility-owned IT service providers we learned first-hand what is required to help clients leverage IT for success and how most providers fall short.
Why We Exist

What Drives Us

We get it! Finding the right IT help is tough. You’re looking for someone who understands what your business really needs, not just the same old solutions everyone else offers. It’s about more than just fixing tech problems; it’s about finding a partner who listens and understands your business.

You want more than just a service; you’re after a trusting relationship. A team that doesn’t just see you as another job but as a partner, someone who’s really on your side and cares about making your business better.

While technology evolves at breakneck speed, it seems the personal touch in IT services is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. At Prosper IT, we aim to change that!

The Soul of Prosper IT

Who We Are

Matt and Nate are more than just co-founders of Prosper IT; they are the heart and soul behind a vision that puts your business first. With Matt’s extensive background in business operations and Nate’s deep technical expertise, they bring a balanced perspective to IT challenges.

Their journey through the ups and downs of the IT industry has equipped them with the insights to not just anticipate your needs but to act on them with precision and care.

Together with the rest of the Prosper IT team, your business can truly leverage IT to protect and grow your business.

What We Do

Our Value to You

The digital world is fraught with obstacles—from safeguarding your data against ever-looming cybersecurity threats to optimizing your IT infrastructure for growth. Finding a partner who genuinely gets your business and shares your vision can feel daunting.

At Prosper IT, your business’s unique needs and aspirations drive our approach. We’re not about one-size-fits-all solutions; we’re about crafting personalized strategies that address your current challenges and set you up for future success.

Here’s how we do it:
  • Consultative Assessment: We get to know you, your business, and your systems to understand where your business is, where it is going, and what technology you need to achieve your goals.
  • Technology Plan: Based on the assessment findings, we work with you to develop a roadmap for your success made up of short-term changes that shores up any high-risk vulnerabilities and take advantage of low hanging fruit and long-term initiatives to grow into.
  • Prosperity: Each quarter, we meet with you to discuss how your technology is serving you, changes to your business and industry, goal attainment, and how we can continue to better leverage IT to protect and grow your business.
Relationships Matter

Brands That Trust Us

Relationships Matter

Brands That
Trust Us

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